Lira's Forest

Connor Jessup —2017

Fiction / 9 min / 35mm / 1.85:1 / colour

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Old and sick, Lira spends the last weeks of her life
at her quiet country house, surrounded by nature.
The summer days are long and sleepy. Time
connects in fragments, dreams blend with waking…
One night, sleeping outside, Lira is approached by a
forest spirit, in the form of very strange boy. Dirty
and barefoot, with yellow eyes, and wearing a
smooth white fox mask. Silent and timid, he’s more
curious than he is scary.
As Lira interacts with the boy, the lines between
human and spirit disappear and, in her dying
moments, we get a glimpse at the secret
movements of the forest.

Lira : Patricia Hamilton
Fox Boy : Gabriel Varga-Watt
Beth : Sheila McCarthy

Directed by : Connor Jessup
Screenwriter : Connor Jessup
Production : Sylvain Corbeil, Nancy Grant, Connor Jessup, Ashley Shields-Muir
Co-production : Gillian Ashton, Rebecca Whitaker
Executive production : Albert Shin
Director of photography : Josée Deshaies
Set designer : Helen Kotsonis
Costumes : Danielle Rizzo
Editing : Connor Jessup
Sound : Ian Reynolds, Brennan Mercer, Matthew Chan
Music : Alexandre Klinke

41st Toronto International Film Festival, Canada, 2017

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